FFXI Maps looks for to make the gaming world much safer and more inclusive to marginalized people, particularly those in the gender and sexuality spectrum. This is dealt with in 3 significant methods.

Making Progress Fun is a huge consider the way that FFXI Maps does things. When people are truly delighted, and engaged by a principle or a method they are much more most likely to learn it and put it into practice. Gaming, mingling, and partying can be reliable opportunities to check out social conditions that prefer inclusiveness and dispute resolution.

Developing Better Practices for security and inclusiveness in physical and online gaming areas. This can imply guidelines and enforcement but more-so practical standards and tools for people to engage with one another in addition to direct exposure to seldom gone over social principles and concerns that help people relate and feel sorry for one another.

FFXI Maps is an annual occasion where all FFXI Maps work can be implemented. It is a physical area where people can satisfy and communicate in a different way than they would at a mainstream gaming occasion. When people know that the occasion's audience, volunteers, staff, suppliers, and visitors are all helpful of their identity and available to talk about disputes, it produces a special favorable environment of convenience and inclusiveness.